Student Organizations

Student Organizations:

Baptist Collegiate Ministries
BCM is an on-campus Christian organization that exists to connect students to one another, serve the school and community, have a lot of fun, honor Jesus and help move lives forward. We do this through free lunches every Wednesday, meetings with music and guest speakers every Thursday night, service projects, mission trips and student led small groups.
Advisors: David Coffey and Lance Phillips, 918.595.8104

Hispanic Student Association
Advisor: Gloria Kirkpatrick 918.595.8088

M.A.D. Scientist Club
(Making A Difference)
The mission of this organization is to provide opportunities for networking, learning, career exploration and community service for students interested in science or health-related careers. M.A.D. means that we intend to Make A Difference.
Advisors: Jackie Swicegood, 918.595.8082; Pam Lucus, 918.595.8105; and Diane Trimble, 918.595.8200

Native American Student Association (NASA)
This purpose of this organization is to enlighten the public in regard to the work of the organization and to promote a better understanding of the Indian people and the students in the school. NASA hosts various programs on campus. Each Fall they plan a Native American Stomp Dance and host the Red Fork Film Festival.
Advisor: Belinda McGee, 918.595.8106
Phi Beta Lambda
Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) is a service-oriented, competitive organization, which is run by its student members. The theme for the academic year is "Tune into Business." Benefits of becoming a member of PBL include: National publications, scholarship opportunities, career exploration, networking opportunities, professional development, community-service programs and leadership conferences.
Advisors: Gornie Williams, 595.8033 and Jennifer Dillard, 918.595.8033

Phi Theta Kappa
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is the national honor society for community colleges. The TCC West Campus chapter is Beta Theta Epsilon. The requirements to become a member are based on the number of hours that you have completed and your GPA, therefore, membership is by invitation only. There are several benefits of becoming a member of PTK, such as; scholarship opportunities, professional development and leadership opportunities.
Advisor: Lance Phillips, 918.595.8104

Professional Association of Childhood Educators (PACE)
The mission of the organization is to prepare professionals who will promote high quality education and services that are based in theory and scientifically researched best practices, facilitate adult learners' acquisition of knowledge and skills, and to produce child development professionals who, in turn, will then promote the optimal development of the children and families whose lives they will touch throughout their careers.
Advisor: Dawn Parton, 918.595.8039 and Debbie Deibert, 918.595.8108

Student Government Association
The Student Association is the TCC West Campus student government. They represent the rest of the student body to the administration and also program some activities for the campus. They are a diverse group of people representing all ages and backgrounds who are involved and want to be leaders. Members must be enrolled in at least six hours at Tulsa Community College with some of these hours on the West Campus. Members must also be in good standing with the college and maintain at least 2.O GPA.
Advisors: Jennifer Duncan, 918.595.8222 and Jennifer Champion, 918.595.8222

Student Veterans and Active Military Organization
The primary mission of this organization is to assist military veterans, active military, those enrolled in ROTC, and their families to successfully attain their educational goals at Tulsa Community College and beyond.
Advisors: Ed Lawrence, Jennifer Starks, and Jennifer Duncan
Veterinary Technology Student Association
The Veterinary Technology Student Association would like to welcome any student planning to enroll in the program or anyone who shares our enthusiasm for animals and their well-being. Scholarships for students enrolled in the Veterinary Technology Program are available. We have picnics to welcome new students and we promote animal adoptions from the Veterinary Technology Program at West Campus. We invite anyone interested in the organization to contact the Veterinary Technology Student Association for memberships.
Advisors: Jan Barnett, 918.595.8213; Suzann Dunkerley, 918.595.8220; Paula Millican, 918.595.8214 and Brandy Cooper, 918-595-8215




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