Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The Tulsa Community College IRB

The Tulsa Community College (TCC) Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee that reviews all research that uses human subjects. Its primary purpose is to ensure that human research subjects are protected. This includes protecting the privacy, respecting autonomy, preserving dignity, minimizing risks while maximizing benefits to subjects, and providing adequate information to make informed decisions. The TCC IRB also ensures that the benefits and risks of research are equally distributed and that vulnerable populations such as children are given extensive protection.

In addition to promoting quality research, protecting human subjects also protects the researcher, the advisor, and college. Through IRB review, the IRB assists researchers in developing the best possible methodologies to ensure the best possible research outcomes.

See the IRB Forms Page and links to the left for more details and submit applications and any questions to Dr.Jennifer L. Ivie at

Tulsa Community College IRB Members:

Dr. Connie Hébert, Co-Chair - Associate Dean for Science and Mathematics, TCC

Dr. Jennifer L. Ivie - Co-Chair - Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, TCC

Dr. Cheryl Matherly - Vice Provost of Global Education, University of Tulsa

Dr. Jody Worley - Associate Professor of Human Relations, University of Oklahoma