Online Course Evaluations FAQ

FAQ Green Question MarkFAQs for SmartEvals Course Evaluation System

Tulsa Community College is transitioning to an online course evaluation system using the SmartEvals software tool. This document is intended to answer questions users may have about the transition and the online evaluation process.



Q: I normally use class time to administer the course evaluation. Can I do this with an electronic survey?  

A:  Yes. The electronic and mobile apps available offer flexibility to access this either in the classroom via mobile technology (phones, tablets, or laptops) or in a computer lab, as well as at home. The link is in an email sent to each student.  They access this through TCC email. 

Q: Are we changing the questions on the instrument?  

A: No. We are using the same questions we have used in recent years as we test this new delivery system. The online version also includes space for student comments on any aspect of the course.

Q: Which classes are being surveyed?

A: For Fall 2013, we are continuing the practice of surveying all 16-week courses as well as some shorter term classes which end concurrently to the end of term. This technology gives us the opportunity to survey both on campus and online course sections.

Q: How will students know it is time to take the survey? 

A: They will receive an automatic, custom-developed message via their TCC email. You, the faculty member, will also receive an email and may prepare them as well.

Q: Why are we changing delivery systems for the course evaluations?  

A:  The primary reasons are to make the process more convenient for students, to survey online classes, to save operating costs, to improve how results are reported, and to be more eco-friendly.   

Q:  How do we get a good response rate if it is online?  

A:  Early in the transition, rates might drop; however, email notices and reminders will be sent. Faculty communicating the importance of completing the surveys is key to a good response rate, as always.

Q: When will I be able to see the results of my course evaluations?  

A: The results will be available the day after the grade submission deadline. 

Q:  Who will see the results and what will they see?

A.   The summary reports will be available to the faculty of record and to approved administrators. Student comments will be available only to the faculty of record.

Q: Who are some of the other higher educational institutions currently using SmartEvals?

A:  Arapahoe Community College

      University of Utah

      Carnegie Mellon University

      Delaware State University

Testimonials from these and other institutional users may be found at

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