Effective November 17, 2014 Planning and Institutional Research was changed to Institutional Research and Assessment. As a result,  we will be updating the IR web site to include Assessment information.

Welcome from the Dean of Academic Assessment 

“Assessment is the systematic collection, review, and use of information about educational programs undertaken for the purpose of improving student learning and development.”

-- Catherine A. Palomba and Trudy W. Banta, Assessment Essentials: Planning, Implementing, and Improving Assessment in Higher Education (San Francisco CA: Jossey-Bass, 1999). 

Welcome to the assessment resources page of Tulsa Community College. 
Evidence gathered from a well-conceived and sensibly implemented assessment program is an essential tool for all of us at TCC to use in the cultivation of continuous improvement in student learning and in the fostering of sustainable excellence in teaching. Assessment data also gives us the means to hold ourselves accountable, to our stakeholders and to our profession. Among the latest Criteria for Accreditation established by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is the requirement that an institution “demonstrates a commitment to educational achievement and improvement through ongoing assessment of student learning.” [Criterion 4; Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement]   

As Dean of Academic Assessment, it is my purpose and privilege to support faculty in all of the academic divisions of the College as they collaborate to develop and implement their plans for discipline and program assessment. I rely heavily on the commitment of the Student Learning Fellows (SLFs), four faculty volunteers who assist me in planning, training and outreach. I invite you to seek out their support, as well. The SLFs are: 

Since July 2012, the SLFs and I have frequently collaborated with our faculty colleagues. In addition to attending various discipline-specific meetings to discuss assessment issues, we have organized informational and training sessions — including “How’s Our Progress” (HOP) workshops on each campus during the fall and a Learning Effectiveness and Planning (LEAP) meeting for the whole faculty in January 2013. We hope that you will join us for similar events this year, because the most important of our shared goals as Dean and faculty fellows will be to engage more people more fully in assessment planning and implementation. 

The purpose of this page is to provide TCC faculty, staff and students with clear, consistent and comprehensive information about the College’s ongoing assessment program. Please look here for: dates and deadlines; forms and formats; names and numbers; reports and resources. 

If you have additional questions about the comprehensive assessment program at TCC, I or any of the four SLFs, can help you find your answers. Of course, if you find a book, article, or link that would be helpful to your colleagues, do not hesitate to share it with us. 


Dean of Academic Assessment

The following links will lead you to reports, worksheets and other useful documents that will help you participate fully in the College’s ongoing assessment program: 

Assessment Methods (Table)

Assessment Resources

TCC Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan (2010)

TCC Academy for Assessment of Student Learning (HLC Workshops) 2012

TCC Assessment Archives 2001 - 2009

TCC Assessment Results (Report) 2011 - 2012

TCC Assessment Worksheet (Example) 2012 - 2013

TCC Assessment Worksheet (Template) 2012 - 2013

TCC LEAP Day 2013

TCC PIR OSRHE Annual Student Assessment Reports

TCC WEAVEonline Training for Faculty and Administrators