Tulsa Community College is an enjoyable and exciting place for both students to learn and continue their education and for employees to develop career-long working relationships. We offer meaningful career opportunities, competitive compensation, a great benefit package, tuition assistance, and various opportunities to develop professionally and personally.

The College highly values diversity—in life experiences, educational backgrounds and ethnicities. This commitment to diversity is reflected in the 2011-2014 Strategic Plan, a section of which calls for the College to increase the recruitment, retention and development of talented employees reflective of its diverse community. The initiative is working, with approximately 18.2% of faculty at TCC being members of minority groups.

Tulsa Community College was named a Mosaic Top 20 award recipient by the Tulsa Regional Chamber for its commitment to an inclusive workforce culture. The Mosaic Awards culminated a workplace diversity study conducted among more than 100 businesses and organizations by the Tulsa Chamber.

TCC believes diversity is our common bond and has a sincere appreciation for and cultivation of differences that enrich the lives of students, employees, the community and the education experience.

The Mosaic Top 20 designation helps support the work done each day at TCC in serving underserved and underrepresented populations in higher education through our outreach programs; addressing diversity, equity and inclusion in our environment through a Diversity Council; and developing partnerships with community, ethnic, and cultural associations at all levels.