Funding Sources/Budget

Tulsa Community College is supported by local appropriations from Tulsa County, annual appropriations from the State of Oklahoma,  and revenue from student tuition and fees, along with some funding from grants and other sources. Since its founding in 1970, TCC has benefited from strong and consistent support from its community.

In recent years, the percentage of total revenue from tuition and fees and local appropriations has increased, while the percentage of state appropriations has decreased. The FY 14 budget includes the following components: approximately 34.4 percent from local appropriations; 32 percent from state appropriations; 31.6 percent from tuition and fees; and 2 percent from grants and other sources. In FY 10, percentages from the same components were 32 percent, 34 percent, 28 percent and 6 percent, respectively.  

In response to changing appropriations and funding sources, the College has been challenged to increase efficiency and streamline operations in order to continue to fulfill its mission and serve students without experiencing a decrease in academic quality or student service.