How to Enroll in Faculty Events?

How do I Enroll in Faculty Events?

After you have already registered for Continuing Education on the new homepage, you will be able to enroll in FREE events for Faculty. If you haven't registered, How do I Create an Account with Continuing Education?
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ATTENTION: TCC FACULTY EVENTS will NOT be listed or searchable on the Continuing Education site. They are by e-mail invitation ONLYThroughout the semester you will receive various free events that you can register for. Events that require registration will have an attached link in the e-mail you can click on or copy & paste into the browser bar.

To Enroll:

1.  Login to Continuing Education.

2.  Navigate to the link provided in your email. The Title of the course will appear.

(You can click on the title to view information about the class.)

3.  Click on "Add To Cart". (NOTICE: TCC Faculty event will be a $0.00 charge.)

4. You will see the class added to your cart. Click on "Checkout."

5.  Your shopping cart will appear and you can review you purchase. Click "Checkout" again once you've reviewed your purchase.


6. You will see the confirmation page and receive a confirmation email shortly.

Congratulations you have completed registering for the Event!