How to Create an Account with CE?

How to Create an Account with (CE) Continuing Education?

Registration for Continuing Education is no longer available through TED. You must register with Continuing Education on its new website to enroll. You will find the link in the second row at the top of the TCC homepage labeled "Continued Education." This will link you to the external site

Attention: You must register as a new student on the new CE if you haven't already registered.

To Create Account: 

Created an Account? Go to: "How Do I Enroll in Faculty Events?"
Forgot Password? or Forgot Username? Call (918)595-7200

1.  Go to the Continuing Education homepage (

2.  Go to "Log In".

3.  Under "New Students" Click "Create New Profile".

4.  Choose "Create a Student Profile (single user)" and click on "Create Profile."

5.  Enter your information in the fields. Required fields appear with an *. Once complete. Click Submit.

*** We recommend using your TCC e-mail address to help you remember your username. ***

(Username, Password, Re-enter password, Identity Verification Question & Answer, First name, Last name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, E-mail and Birthdate are all required fields. By adding your TCC E-mail Address and TCC CWID it may be easier for you to retrieve your information if you forget your password.)

6.  You will then see a Confirmation Page. Congratulations you are able to Enroll in Classes!