Welcome Part-time Faculty

Thank YOU for being part of

Tulsa Community College

As a part-time instructor you enrich the education of our students and help pursue our excellence in teaching!

Getting Started: Contact your Division Office as well as Academic and Campus Services for important information on how to get started.

Academic and Campus Services

The office of Academic and Campus Services provides a supportive academic environment for TCC's Part-time Instructors. They bring an additional dimension to our campus. Their skills and experiences from the "real world" help us impart knowledge and practical advice to our students.

Located at each Campus, the Academic and Campus Services office makes it convenient and enjoyable to be a Part-time Instructor at Tulsa Community College.

Blackboard - (Information and Tutorials)

Division Contact 

Faculty Events - (Events held across All campuses)


Important Links: (The following Links are located on the top of the TCC Home page.)

  • MYTCC - Provides Access to Pay, Human Resources and Internal Academic Affairs.
  • Blackboard - Provides an Online link to your Classes. Grades, Course Content will need to be uploaded here.
  • TCC E-mail - Provides internal communication to all faculty and students.
  • Library - Provides access to Library content & services.

Qualifications and Compensation as a Part-time Instructor

Resources - (Important links to Division Offices, etc.)

Technology - (Campus Communication and Classroom Utilities)