Academic Strategies

Academic Strategies (ENGL 1003) is a student success course that teaches study skills, time management, and degree planning to increase student persistence, retention, success in developmental and entry-level college courses, and graduation rates.  Lead faculty developed the curriculum for this course and they train all teaching faculty to deliver the course and collect student performance data consistently across all four of TCC’s campuses. 

Academic Strategies promotes TCC’s one-college approach to student success and degree completion.  Beginning in fall 2013, any degree-seeking, first-time college student who has not satisfied his or her proficiency requirements is required to enroll in and successfully complete ENGL1003 (Academic Strategies) within the first two semesters of attendance. This change nearly doubled the number of new students who take the course, providing the necessary support to help students achieve their educational goals. Due to the proven success of this innovation, Academic Strategies was incorporated into TCC’s regular course offerings in 2013 and is no longer classified as an innovation.

ATD Academic Strategies Persistence and Graduation Rates Fall 2008 - Fall 2012 Cohorts