Beginning Algebra Course Redesign

Video: TCC Student Voices: Redesigning Algebra

The Beginning Algebra Course Redesign innovation has completed its second year as a grass-roots endeavor by faculty to redesign the course content in Beginning Algebra (MATH 0013) to engage students more effectively and to integrate cooperative learning activities.  A cognitive assessment and a math anxiety assessment were administered as pre- and post-tests in the redesigned Beginning Algebra course. Successful completion rates were compared for the intervention group and a control group. Faculty who were trained for the redesigned course completed a participant summary and a self-evaluation as formative assessments.

This successful innovation has changed the way beginning algebra is taught at TCC and is no longer classified as an innovation.  TCC’s Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching has expanded the scope of the Course Redesign learning techniques in beginning algebra for multi-disciplinary applications and provides ongoing faculty development.

ATD Course Redesign Intervention Analysis - Fall 2012