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What is MathPath?
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MathPath is a two-week refresher course that boosts college math skills and helps students to attain their best score on the TCC mathematics placement test.  MathPath was designed by TCC faculty. Instructors work one-on-one with students using a customized curriculum that addresses each student's needs, based on their initial mathematics placement test scores. Students take the mathematics placement test again at the end of MathPath.  Most students score higher on the test after MathPath, allowing some students to skip developmental math courses that do not apply toward a degree.  Taking fewer developmental math classes saves time and money and helps students to prepare for their first college level math class.


Who Qualifies?

We have a full slate of sections available to students this Summer.

There are two types of students who should take MathPath:

1)      Any student who was placed in developmental math after taking the Compass Test;

2)      Any student who was close to passing their latest developmental math class and thinks they can test ahead.


How Do I Enroll?

MathPath is offered through TCC’s Continuing Education program.  The two-week class costs $50.

For more information on enrolling, call 918.595.7200 or view available classes here.


What do Students Think About MathPath?

Here is what MathPath students have to say about their experience:

  • It really helped to remember what I needed to.  I have been out of school for 2 years now and I had forgotten a lot!  This math class really helped me.
  • There was a web site available when you got home so you could learn outside the course.
  • Once you took a test, it automatically knew what you needed to work on most to improve your score. It also had an option where you could ask for help on any problem.  You could also ask your instructor. It has helped me understand the math that I didn't understand in high school!!
  • You could also ask your instructor. It has helped me understand the math that I didn't understand in high school.
  • The instructor is really nice & helpful
  • My situation was unique in that I have been out of the classroom for an extended period and needed a boost in my self-confidence.  


CTD MathPath Program Analysis - Spring 2013