Diversity & Civic Engagement

TCC'S Diversity Core Value:

Diversity is our common bond. Sincere appreciation for and cultivation of differences enriches our lives, the community, and the education we offer. It is a source of our pride and integral to our success. 

 What is Diversity?

(Taken from the Diversity Council's Five Year Plan)

Diversity is not: 

  • A policy that promotes preferential treatment.
  • A replacement of European-oriented history with African-oriented history. 
  • A divisive phenomenon that will pit race vs. race, religion vs. religion, etc.... 
  • A mechanism that will destroy the traditional curriculum in the U.S.A. 
  • A passing educational fad that will go away. 

Diversity is:

  • An educational approach that recognizes all the racial, ethnic, religious, economic, political, social, and cultural groups in the country and infuses the experiences of all into the curriculum. 
  • A concept that will help students understand and respect themselves and people of other races, religions, economic, political, social, and cultural groups. 
  • A balanced, factual, basic view of educational curriculum that does not attempt to impose one cultural view for the whole country. 
  • An educational approach more consistent with our country's democratic heritage; one based on the worth of the individual.