Day of Vision 2013 - Student Workshop Descriptions

Select one for Workshop One and a different one for Workshop Two.

All Student Workshops are repeated.  From the entire list, select two.                   

ACT Test Preparation

Learn why you need to take the ACT test, what to expect & how to prepare.        

Libby Adjei, Community Organizer Union Schools
Kezia Daniels, Coordinator of Student Services, ORU eAcademy


College Essay Writing

 Learn the writing process and college expectations for
 essay writing.  We will review the basic 5 paragraph
 essay formats and discuss how to adjust the format to
 different writing situations, including in-class essays and
 longer research papers.

 Sydney Teel , Assistant Professor, English/FACET
 Center Coordinator

Does this Major Make Me Look P.H.A.T.?

Students will learn how to choose a major and the difference between a job and a career.    

Thesha Zeigler, Career Placement Advisor


Test Anxiety:  Tips & Techniques to Help Manage the Stress of College Coursework

 Students learn tips and techniques for reducing anxiety. 
 Learn to develop study plans, methods of relaxation, and
 foods to power us through tough times.

 Stephanie Kelle, English Instructional Specialist &
 Part-time Faculty

 STEMming the tide: Building America’s Technological Future

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Many high demand and lucrative careers require the skills and knowledge learned in these areas.   This session explores the many avenues and specializations.    

  David Sollars, Associate Dean STEM


Health Professions: Educating Future Caregivers

Get an overview of Associate Degree/Certification healthcare programs offered at TCC and the related healthcare professions and potential earnings.

  Nancy Vitali, Associate Professor of Nursing,
  Charlotte Stith,
Assistant Professor of Health Info
  Adrienne Morecraft, Specialist Health Sciences

Show Me the Money

Learn scholarship essay-writing tricks that will increase the chances of winning free money to finance education.     

 Cathy Campbell, Associate Professor Spanish


Fit to Be Tied: Dealing with College Stress

 Get a brief overview that identifies stress and options on 
 how to manage stress through healthy lifestyle

Ed Cizek, Fitness Center Manager

TCC’s Fire and EMS Program

 TCC has a long-standing successful Fire & EMS program
 with Certificate & Associate Degree options. Faculty, staff
 & uniformed Fire Fighters & Paramedics will meet
 students & answer questions.       

 Ernie Evans, Associate Dean Liberal Arts,
 Leaugeay Barnes, Assistant Professor FEMS


Strategies for Becoming a Successful Teacher

 Participants who are considering becoming teachers will 
 learn about the preparation, requirements, skills and
 characteristics of successful teachers.  Be prepared to be
 engaged in the learning and have fun!

Tony Alonso, Dean of Diversity & Civic Engagement

Dream Big! Pursuing Life-Changing Experiences in College

Learn how to change the course of your life through study abroad.     

David Ruskoski, Assistant Professor, History


Advantages of Learning a Second Language for Your Career

 With the rapid globalization in the U.S. and Oklahoma, a
 second language is a benefit.  Examples of jobs needing 
 or requiring a second language as well as brief language
 lessons will be presented.

 Pamela Chew, Associate Professor, Foreign Language
 & ESL


Not Your Parents Library

 Librarians will speak about current services. With 
 everything from Wii to graphic novels to laptop stations,
 this interactive session proves it is “not your parent’s
 library”!  |

  Andy Taylor, Librarian,
  Mike Meisenheimer
, Library Manager,
  Gisele McDaniel,


Are You Ready for an Online Class?

Learn what is involved in an online or blended course compared to on-campus courses.     

Glenn Jones, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems/Networking

Navigating the Enrollment Process: Google Maps don’t work here!

A brief overview of the enrollment process as well as tips for making the process smoother.       

Jon Smythe, Director of Enrollment Services


Rev Your Search Engine: High Performance Web Tools

 Learn techniques for critical evaluation of sources, use of
 an effective search engine, and ways to collaborate with

 Dorothy Minor,  Associate Professor  English
 Sloan Davis, Assistant Professor English


Overhaulin’: Turning our Vehicles Electric

 Overview of how electrical vehicles work (with  
 demonstrations) and the skills needed to become
 electronics or electrical engineer.     

 Thomas Henderson, Associate Professor Electronics