Diversity Council Goals

Goal 1:  Recruit and retain students of color/minority students

  • Develop and expand cultural studies programs.
  • Develop new and identify existing College resources that create opportunities for access and support student success.
  • Transform the College into a more culturally competent institution.
  • Strategically engage and respond to the needs of students and other constituents from underserved areas.

Goal 2:  Recruit and retain faculty/staff of color/minority faculty & staff

  • Continue with current HR practice of advertising in ethnic/minority based publications and identify new sources for marketing, e.g., The Black Chronicle-OKC
  • Develop all position ads with a strong diversity inclusion theme
  • Evaluate the application pool before beginning the selection process. Extend the search if the pool is not reflective of desired diversity.
  • Create an environment that will enable the College to foster a climate of inclusion that:
    •  Enhances tolerance training
    • Communicates the Council's purpose to the College
    • Focuses on retention-college wide initiative
  • Encourage bilingual skills to promote the College; develop a stipend/differential pay program for staff involvement in direct service to the community; use other languages to benefit the College and the community.
  • Martin Luther King holiday observance for the College and develop active plan where TCC is represented in the MLK parade; may join other higher education institutions that are participating in this event
  • "Growing our own" faculty/staff
  • Link our initiatives with the Tulsa Achieves program.
  • Encourage mentoring programs involving senior employees (in-house) for those who are interested in obtaining other positions within the college.
  • Implement a faculty foreign/domestic exchange program