Diversity Council Mission Statement

Diversity Council Mission Statement 

The Diversity Council is committed to bridge the gaps among students, faculty and staff of all cultures and ethnicity. The Council's mission is to promote an increased awareness of and a shared commitment to inclusiveness and diversity throughout the learning-centered environment at Tulsa Community College. 

The Diversity Council assumes a leadership role in the development of a student, faculty, and staff population that recognizes the inherent value of equity and diversity. The council represents the multiple cultures within our community and envisions a campus climate where equity is assured in all facets of the academic endeavor, including teaching and learning, enrollment and employment, and the allocation of resources. 

Within the learning environment we will challenge and support students, who will work, live and serve in a diverse nation and world, to understand how various cultural backgrounds, life experiences, challenges, and orientations impact a person's view of the world. 

Within our working environment we will facilitate, build and create interaction, understanding and dialogue among diverse cultures, sharing in a meaningful common inclusive society where the gap between persons of all cultures, disabilities, gender and religious differences may be accepted and bridged.

Statement of Need

In recent years, the Tulsa Metropolitan area has found itself with a rapidly changing demographic and cultural makeup. All over this geographic area, people of good intent and different cultural backgrounds struggle to fit into society and often are unable to bridge the barriers of race, culture and conditioning. Due to past patterns of existence, most people have little experience in intra and intercultural communication and collaboration. Few are able to take the initial steps in establishing communication and even fewer can maintain this initiative. Often this inexperience causes more harm than good in spite of well meaning intentions.

Strategic Plan

The council will regularly advise the President's Cabinet on matters of diversity. In addition the council will provide insight and understanding of the importance of fostering an appreciation of diversity. The council also provides a venue for reviewing the current state of the college's diversity efforts, creating a plan for promoting diversity through out the college, and developing long range planning initiatives to insure the college reflects the rich diversity of cultural heritage and experiences found in the community, State of Oklahoma and the world.