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External Affairs directs all official communications from the College.

TCC Media Relations Contact Information

Nicole Burgin
Media Relations Specialist
P 918-595-7966

C 918-808-9694

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Request for Public Information

Tulsa Community College is accountable to the taxpayers and our community as a state and federally funded institution.  We have a responsibility to strive for transparency and efficient and ethical use of resources and the public should have access to information that relates to our mission and our operations.  The Tulsa Community College Board of Regents has adopted a policy regarding open records.

5218 Open Records

The Board of Regents of Tulsa Community College, in accordance with the Oklahoma

Open Records Act (the "Act"), recognizes that "public records" (as defined in the Act) are open for inspection by any person, except those public records specifically exempted from disclosure by the Act or other State or federal laws.

The administration is directed to adopt procedures in compliance with the Act to be followed in requesting access to and obtaining copies of public records. These procedures shall be designed to provide access to public records in compliance with the Act, provide assistance and information upon request, and insure efficient and timely action in response to applications for inspection of public records. These procedures, to the extent allowed by the Act, should protect the confidentiality of employee and student records, privileged documents and other records, which may be exempt under the Act or other State or federal law, and should protect public records from damage and disorganization and prevent excessive disruption of the College's essential functions.

Adopted: July 13, 2005

All requests for public information should be directed to Diane Haney at diane.haney@tulsacc.edu.

Logo Usage

Approved versions of the Tulsa Community Logo include left to right and centered presentations. Contact Marketing Communications for current policy on use of any portion of the Tulsa Community College square or name signature. Both elements are graphic files. The words "Tulsa Community College" are not a particular font that can be duplicated.

All authorized logo and signature configurations are available in digital formats. Do not scan or image the logo or signature from reproduction masters. Digital files containing the official logo and signature configurations can be obtained in various formats readable by Macintosh® or Windows® platforms below.

Official Colors

In order to maintain a consistent image for the College, individual departments should use the official TCC blue represented in the logo:


PMS 2935

CMYK 90, 68, 0, 0

RGB 0, 91, 91

Download official Style Guide below:
TCC Style Guide 2012
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