I want to start taking classes at TCC.  How do I get started?              
1.   Fill out an application to the college either online or go visit an enrollment services office on any campus.

2.   After submitting an application, visit an enrollment services office on any campus and request to be "admitted" to the college. This is where you are taken from an applicant status to a student status. This would also be a good time to turn in any high school transcripts, prior college transcripts, GED scores, ACT scores, etc.

3.   If you will be pursuing financial aid, get that started by following the instructions at the Financial Aid website.

4.   After being admitted to the college, visit with an academic adviser to determine what classes to enroll in, or to see if you need additional placement testing before enrolling in classes. If you have prior college course work, please bring copies of transcripts with you.

5.   If you submitted a FASFA as part of step 3, the federal government will let you know when the FASFA has been processed. This is a good time to visit a campus and talk with a financial aid person.

6.   If your financial aid is in place, and you have met with an adviser and know what classes to take for your particular degree, your next step will be to enroll using MyTCC. See MyTCC Info if you need help using MyTCC. Please note: MyTCC is a one-stop online resource for access to the TCC systems of Blackboard, TCC Office 365 E-mail, and student information, which were previously accessed in TED. The portal also provides important information for student services, campus life, and information and access to systems for TCC employees.

7.   Final steps include buying books, getting parking permits, etc. 

What is the difference between dropping a class and withdrawing from a class?
Dropping a class is what happens right after a class starts. The amount of time you have to drop a class depends on the length of the class. For example, if you are taking a full, 16-week class, you have the first two weeks of school to drop the class, but for an eight-week, fast-track course, you only have the first week. 

Dropping a class removes that class from all records. It is like you never took the class. It will not affect your GPA It will not show up on your transcripts. And you will receive a 100 percent refund for the class.

Withdrawing from a class is a way a student can get out of a class after the drop period has passed. The last day to withdraw from a class will be 70 percent of the way through the class. Check the academic calendar for specific dates.

A withdraw shows up as a "W" on a student's transcript. The student will NOT receive a refund for the class. It does NOT affect GPA It does, however, affect completion rate, which can affect financial aid.

How do I add or drop a class?
Go to the My Account page in the MyTCC portal, go to Registration Tools, and click on the Add or Drop Classes link.

How do I withdraw from a class?
The withdraw process has changed in recent semesters due to changes in financial aid requirements. It is understandable that it is not always convenient or possible to come into campus to withdraw, but due to some of these changes, it is highly recommended that you come in to any advisement office to discuss the process and how it might affect you.

If it is not possible to come to a campus, you may download the Withdraw form. Read through the instruction sheet carefully, then fill out the first page of the withdraw form completely. Fax both front and back pages of the form to any TCC advisement office. Fax numbers are listed on the form.

Make sure to initial where appropriate and sign and date under the “Student Responsibility" section. Also, remember to include a clear and legible copy of an official photo ID such as a Driver's License or TCC Student ID with your fax.

If you receive financial aid and are enrolled in classes that have not started yet, make sure to sign and date under the "Affidavit of Enrollment" section.

How can I view my unofficial transcript?
Go to the My Account page in the MyTCC portal. Go to Academic Profile and click on the Transcript link.

What is my GPA?
You can find this information by viewing your unofficial transcript and looking at the GPA column under your most recent course semester. There will be three numbers in this column corresponding to the three categories at the left. The first is "Institutional," which refers to your GPA from your TCC classes only. The second is "Transfer," which refers to the GPA from your transfer course work from other institutions only. The third is "Overall," which is your GPA for all of your coursework. TCC looks at the overall GPA.

You can also visit an advisor in person or contact our Online Advisor for further questions about GPA.

What does it mean to be on academic probation?
Any student whose retention (graduation) GPA falls below a 2.0 at the end of a given term is on academic probation. 

TCC requires that all students maintain an overall (cumulative) GPA of 2.0 or better to be considered in "Good Academic Standing." If a student's GPA falls below a 2.0, that student will be on academic probation the following semester. This probation is a way of warning the student that he/she needs to raise their GPA above a 2.0 and that if he/she continues to make poor grades, the student will be academically suspended.  

What does it mean to be on academic suspension?
Any student who was on academic probation and fails to raise his/her GPA to the required retention level or to achieve a 2.0 in regularly graded course work, not to include activity or performance courses, in any term following academic probation, will be suspended from the institution. 

Visit the academic suspension site for an explanation about the reapplication process.

How many credit hours do I have?
Go to the My Account page in the MyTCC portal. Go to Academic Profile and click on the Transcript link. At the end of the last semester, you can see your earned hours for both TCC and Cumulative hours.

You can also visit an advisor in person or contact our Online Advisor for further questions about your total number of credit hours.

How do I transfer credits to TCC?
After applying to Tulsa Community College, you will need to submit official transcripts from all of your previous schools. The transcripts will undergo a formal evaluation to see if the courses from the previous college(s) are equivalent to TCC's courses. It can take a few months for evaluation to happen, so just know that it is not a quick process.

Once the transcripts have been evaluated, all of your transfer work becomes part of your TCC transcript. If you don't agree with the evaluation (for example, some classes did not equate you think might cover the same content), you can visit with an advisor about submitting substitution requests for those classes. You may need to provide course descriptions for the classes that you are requesting to be reviewed. The substitution request is then reviewed by a committee and any necessary changes will be updated on your student record.

You can visit an advisor in person or contact our Online Advisor for further questions about transferring credits.

How will my credits transfer to another college or university?
In general, if you are transferring to a public school in Oklahoma, an advisor can provide you with information on what will and won't transfer to another school. The only way to know for sure if your credits will transfer is to visit with an advisor at the school in which you wish to transfer.

At any point in your academic career at TCC, you can visit the Enrollment Services office to request your official transcript be sent to your transferring institution. Upon completion of classes at TCC, you will want to send a final TCC transcript to your new school.

Do you offer a degree in __________?
TCC offers a wide variety of degrees. Our degrees are designed with the student's goals in mind.

TCC awards Transfer Degree Options, Workforce Degree Options and Certificates.

Visit the TCC Catalog for a complete listing of majors, or visit any campus Academic Advisor.

I want to discuss my degree plan with an advisor.
Visit with an advisor in person at any campus Advisement Office. Advisors see students on a first-come, first-served basis (they don't make appointments).   

I want information about a specific program.
The best source for information on a particular degree plan is the current catalog. You can view the degree index here.

You can also visit with an advisor in person or contact our Online Advisor. If you are a prospective student, you can visit with Student Recruitment at 918.595.8000 or visit Blue Pass

I have questions about prerequisites.
Anytime a course has an asterisk in front of the subject designation, such as *ACCT 2223 Managerial Accounting. This means that the course CANNOT be taken until another course has been completed. In this case, the prerequisite course is ACCT 2213 Financial Accounting. To find out what prerequisites a course may have, check out Course Descriptions 2014 - 2015. You will find a brief description of the course, at the end of which will be a list of the prerequisites for that course.

For additional questions about prerequisites, please visit an advisor in person or contact our Online Advisor.

How do I file for graduation?
Once you have enrolled in the last classes you need to finish your degree at TCC, you are ready to file for graduation. Go visit an advisement office on any campus a few weeks into your final semester. Tell the receptionist that you are ready to file for graduation. You will meet with an adviser who will verify that you've met the degree requirements. Then you will leave contact information with the receptionist. You will be contacted when your graduation paperwork has been put together and is ready for you to sign. Filing for graduation will also automatically put you on a list to receive graduation ceremony information. You will receive a letter sometime after the semester has ended to come and pick up your diploma.

Why hasn't my diploma been mailed?
TCC does not mail diplomas. Students will receive letters in the mail notifying them when diplomas are ready. Diplomas may be picked up from the Enrollment Services Office on the campus where they filed their graduation paperwork.

I have questions about proficiency requirements and the 24-hour rule.
All students are expected to show proficiency in reading, English and math before the student reaches 24 attempted credit hours. Most classes require at least one type of proficiency. Proficiency is established in three ways:

1. ACT scores of 19 or more in each of the three areas listed above.

2. Appropriate test scores on the COMPASS placement test.

3. Appropriate course work and grades from a prior college.

If the student does not meet proficiency in one of these areas, he/she will need to remediate by taking the appropriate zero-level, developmental courses.

*Reading proficiency is required for all general education classes.
*Reading AND English proficiency are required before a student can take ENGL-1113 Freshman Comp I.

If you have further questions about proficiency, please visit an advisor in person or contact our Online Advisor. 

Testing questions (CLEP, Nelson-Denny, GED, TOEFL, ACT, proctored tests, etc.)
The COMPASS Placement Test assesses students' skill levels in the areas of reading comprehension, writing skills and mathematics. Results help determine appropriate placement for enrollment.

COMPASS results can also be used to remove high school deficiencies and to meet admission requirements.

COMPASS is not timed and is administered on a microcomputer. Students do not need any computer experience to take the tests. The scores are available immediately after testing is completed. A counselor/advisor will discuss the results and provide students with an interpretation of the scores. COMPASS is not a pass/fail examination; it is a tool used to determine present skill levels.

To get signed up to take the COMPASS placement test, visit an academic advisement office on any campus. Speak to the receptionist and ask for a placement test referral. Take that referral to the Assessment Center on that campus. There, they will set you up with a computer to take your test. You will get your results as soon as you finish the test. The Assessment Center works on a walk-in basis. Tests can be taken anytime the Assessment Center is open. The test is free and not timed.

If you have additional questions about the COMPASS test, please visit an advisor in person or contact our Online Advisor.

If you have questions about the Nelson-Denny (and you're NOT a prospective Nursing student), please call Northeast Campus Testing Center at 918.595.7534.

If you have questions about the Nelson-Denny (and you ARE a prospective Nursing student), please call the Metro Reading Lab at 918.595.7212.

If you have questions about any other tests, please call Northeast Campus Testing Center at 918.595.7534.

I have questions about ACT/GED testing and preparation.
For GED and ACT preparation, please call the Continuing Education office at 918.595.7200. For GED and ACT testing, please visit Testing Center Web page on the TCC website or call the Northeast Campus Testing Center 918.595.7534.

I have questions about the Nursing Program.
Please visit the Nursing Web page on the TCC website, visit an advisor in person or contact our Online Advisor.

I have questions about Tulsa Achieves.
If you have deadline and requirement questions, please visit the Tulsa Achieves page on the TCC website or e-mail tulsaachieves@tulsacc.edu. If you have questions about volunteer hours, Metro and Southeast campuses have a Tulsa Achieves advisor on staff in the Academic Advisement Offices, and you are welcome to visit one of those advisors in person.

I need the contact information for my instructor.
Your instructor's contact information will be listed on your course syllabus. If you do not have the course syllabus, log on to MyTCC to see if the instructor has posted the course syllabus there. 

How do I find out what books I need?
A few weeks before classes start, print your schedule and take to the bookstore on the campus where your class is located. That bookstore will be able to tell you what book (s) you will need for that class. If your classes are on multiple campuses, then you will need to visit multiple bookstores.

If you are taking an online class, your books will be available at the Northeast Campus bookstore.

For more information, you can visit the TCC bookstore website or call 918.595.7000.  

I would like to visit with an advisor on the phone. How do I get to visit with an advisor?
Advisors do not advise students over the phone. Please visit an advisor in person or contact our Online Advisor.

What is the process for applying for admission? What information needs to be turned in before I can enroll?

Fill out an application to the college either online or go visit an enrollment services office on any campus.

After submitting an application, visit an enrollment services office on any campus and request to be "admitted" to the college. This is where you are taken from an applicant status to a student status. This would also be a good time to turn in any high school transcripts, prior college transcripts, GED scores, ACT scores, etc.

Before enrolling in most courses, you will need to turn in your ACT scores and/or take the COMPASS.

What do I need to do to be a concurrent high school student?
High school juniors need a composite ACT score of 21 or higher and/or a minimum GPA of 3.5. Seniors need a composite ACT score of 19 or higher and/or a minimum GPA of 3.0. Both juniors and seniors need to complete a TCC application for admission and turn in their high school transcripts.

How can I get a transcript sent to me or a third party?
You must request an official transcript in writing in one of the following three ways:  by visiting any campus Enrollment Services Office, by fax or by mail.

 Your written request must include the following:  

  • Your full name
  • Your student ID or Social Security Number
  • The number of transcripts you are requesting
  • The address you to which you want the transcripts mailed
  • Your signature

TCC Enrollment Services Offices

Contact Information

  • Metro Campus Enrollment Services: 909 S. Boston, Tulsa, OK 74119; Fax: 918.595.7347
  • Northeast Campus Enrollment Services: 3727 E. Apache, Tulsa, OK 74115; Fax: 918.595.7594
  • Southeast Campus Enrollment Services: 10300 E. 81 Street, Tulsa, OK 74133; Fax: 918.595.7748
  • West Enrollment Services: 7505 W. 41st Street, Tulsa, OK 74107; Fax: 918.595.8130
  • Contact Call2000 by e-mail:  call2000@tulsacc.edu

How do I fill out my FAFSA?
To fill out your FAFSA, you need to go online to www.fafsa.ed.gov, using your previous years' taxes. If you would like to fill out a paper FAFSA, you can contact the Education Department at 800.433.3243, and they will mail you one. However, the paper FAFSA will slow down your processing by several weeks.

What is the TCC's financial aid school code?
TCC's school code is 009763.

What is a PIN, and how can I get one and use it?
Your PIN is a personal identification number from the U.S. Department of Education. To apply for it, go to www.pin.ed.gov. If you ask for it to be delivered by e-mail, it will come within a day or two. You can use it to sign your FAFSA, to sign the Direct Loan master promissory note or to sign into various secure websites.

Can you tell me how long it will take for my financial aid to process?
We cannot give an exact time frame. However, if you have turned in everything we requested by June 1, you should have funds before the first day of classes. If anything was turned in after June 1, we will try our best, but cannot guarantee your funds will be available that soon. We try to work in date order; so, the sooner you complete the requirements, the better. 

How will I know my aid is complete?
Visit the Financial Aid Dashboard, located on the Student Page, to review your missing requirements or to accept your awards.

Once I sign my award letter, how long will it take for me to receive my money?
Receiving a disbursement is different from receiving a refund. Financial Aid funds will disburse to your account once you are awarded if you are enrolled. For loan recipients, see additional information below.

Please note: Disbursement is delayed by about two to three weeks at the beginning of each semester to enable the Financial Aid office to verify enrollment and other eligibility issues. For loan recipients, see additional information below.

How long do I have to wait for my loan funds?
Receiving a disbursement is different from receiving a refund. Loan disbursement will require students to have a promissory note and/or entrance counseling on file. The master promissory note and entrance counseling is completed by logging onto www.studentloans.gov.  A copy of the entrance counseling confirmation page needs to be turned into the Financial Aid office at any campus. Generally, loans take about a week to post to an account after all the steps are completed.

How long do I have to wait for a refund?
Once a disbursement has posted to a student's account, the account will be credited, showing a zero balance. Any funds leftover will be sent to the student in a refund. This refund should post to his/her Higher One account within five business days. 

I need to defer my student loans. What do I do?
The college does not handle deferment forms. Instead, TCC is a member of the National Student Clearinghouse. Lenders can visit www.enrollmentverify.org and click on "Verify Current Enrollment” and follow the prompts. This will aid in obtaining deferment status. This is only for current enrollment. If you are not enrolled in at least six credits and are not notified of repayment, contact Direct Loans, 800.848.0979. 

If your lender cannot find your information, visit Enrollment Services to request a Verification Letter.

For more information about deferring loans, please visit http://studentaid.ed.gov/repay-loans/deferment-forbearance.