Grants Office Welcomes Feedback

The Grants Office strives to offer quality service to the College. If you have recently completed a project with the Grants Office, please take a few moments to respond to the satisfaction survey under the forms link on the grants main page.

If you would like to provide general feedback to the Grants Office, contact Julie Hall at The information you provide will help the Grants Office improve its services.

Here are some comments from faculty and staff partners on previous Grants Office projects:

National Science Foundation Proposal (funded)

"Bravo! Bravo! There is NO WAY that I could have handled the work load this task required without the help and expertise of the Grants Office staff. The support these professionals provided to the faculty was simply invaluable."

--Diana Spencer, Biotechnology Faculty Coordinator, SEC

"Krista and Beth are amazing! Their expertise, efficiency, suggestions and PATIENCE are greatly appreciated. I do not think the grant would have been possible to complete without (Grants Office) assistance. They have a volume of knowledge and expertise."

--Mary Phillips, Biology faculty, SEC

TRIO Student Support Services (funded)

"Thank you and God bless you for all your hard work. It is so nice to finally have an office that actually writes the grants!"

TRIO Educational Opportunity Center Proposal (funded)

"The Grants Office staff are very professional and knowledgeable. I had a very positive experience being a part of the TRIO SSS grant as well. I appreciated Krista letting me know the Grants Office would not set any grant objective too high that our office would not be able to accomplish."

--Amy Gilbert, Director, TRIO EOC

Oklahoma Arts Council: Oklahoma Regional Alliance for Young Artists and Writers (pending)

“The thanks should go to you… I would still be wandering the halls of Metro, pulling my hair and babbling about ‘the OAC grant’ if it weren’t for your help… Cheers to you, good job.”

--Dewayne Pass, Assistant Professor of Art, Metro