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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) at Tulsa Community College


What does Enterprise Resource Planning mean?

Enterprise Resource Planning, commonly called ERP, is a term coined in the 1990s, when many businesses were seeking ways to work “smarter, not harder” by integrating information and business processes.

How?  By using new software to enter key information once, into a data based shared and accessed by several different business units in the organization.  The results?  Improved access to accurate and timely information for all users, resulting in better products and services.  A  business, or enterprise, could use this information in new ways to provide better products and services, resulting in higher profit and creating value for shareholders.

What does ERP mean in higher education?

Institutions of higher learning are in the business of education.  While curriculum and instruction are key elements of an excellent education, institutions must also have access to  accurate, timely information—about  students, tuition, faculty and staff, degree programs, financial aid, class schedules, and transcripts.

Why?  Colleges and universities that have access to timely, accurate information are at a competitive advantage when it comes to providing excellent service to students, alumni, donors, and communities.  Such institutions, according to the business/enterprise model,  are therefore more likely to attract the resources  and students that allow them to offer the best facilities, teaching staff, and research opportunities.

What is TCC’s Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP)?

At TCC, the ERP incorporates student, financial aid, human resources, finance, and advancement data into one centralized database to facilitate cleaner, more streamlined data processing.

The ERP TCC uses is Banner which was developed by Ellucian for use in higher education.  It is a highly integrated web-based system with a common database that is shared by everyone who uses Banner.

What does this mean for me?

Whether you are a student or a member of TCC’s faculty or staff, you will use Banner.  Whether enrolling in courses, checking on your financial aid, viewing your student account for students or viewing paystubs, deductions, or time entry for employees, Banner is at the heart of TCC data processing.


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