Office 365 E-mail for Students

New Student E-mail

as of January 7, 2013


Tulsa Community College is excited to announce the launch of Microsoft Office 365 e-mail for students for the Spring 2013 semester. Office 365 e-mail will replace the current MyTCC e-mail system and will deliver a cutting edge and feature rich e-mail experience to TCC students. 

Benefits students will experience include:

  • Access to e-mail anywhere (PC, tablets, mobile phones)
  • E-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks sync across devices
  • Large 25GB mail box size
  • Experience with  Outlook, a cross- industry standard e-mail platform


What will my  Office 365 Student E-mail Address be?

The format for the new Office 365 Student e-mail addresses will be

Tip: Take your current MyTCC or TCCNET user name and add to the end of it.

Example: MyTCC/TCCNET Username = george_washington Office 365   Office 365 e-mail address =

Note: Some students with common names have a number at the end of their MyTCC or TCCNET user name. This number will also be part of the Office365 e-mail address.

How do I access the Office 365 E-mail System? (Available starting January 7th)

The Office 365 website is and will be accessible starting January 7th, 2013.

What is the username/password for the Office 365 E-mail System?

To login to the Office 365 e-mail system, the user name is your new TCC Office 365 e-mail address. (Example: The password is your TCCNET password. This is the password you use to access the TCCNET computer network (labs, library, etc). The following link will walk you through Logging into the Office 365 E-mail System.

If you have not logged into TCCNET on campus before, you will need to follow the instructions for new users at . If you need assistance with your TCCNET password, please contact Client Services at (918) 595-2000. 

Will I be able to receive e-mail from the faculty teaching my courses?

Yes. The new e-mail addresses will be loaded into Blackboard and faculty will send e-mail through Blackboard to your new Office 365 e-mail address.

Will I still have access to the MyTCC e-mail system?

Current students will have continue to have access to the MyTCC e-mail system until March 31st, 2013 The MyTCC e-mail system will be taken down on March 31st2013. New students will no longer be assigned a MyTCC e-mail address, they will receive the Office 365 e-mail address.

How do I keep e-mail from the MyTCC e-mail system?

If you would like to keep e-mail items from the MyTCC e-mail system, you can login to MyTCC and forward the e-mail items to your new Office 365 e-mail address. Instructions on how to forward mail already received in MyTCC can be found on this instructional guide.

How do I setup my mobile device (phone/tablet) for Office 365 e-mail?

The following guides will walk you through setting up your device: iPhone, iPad, Android device.