TCC Departmental Technology Budgeting

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For TCC Employee Reference Only:

If you need information about laptop and desktop computers for your APB and/or to schedule any type of IT project and/or installation please "Call 2000" at (918) 595-2000.  They can assist with pricing for:

  • New telephone (16 button handset w/ display)
  • Voice jack installation & cable run
  • Network data jack installation & cable run
  • Wireless network adapter*

Call 2000 can also assist your department with initiating a budget transfer through Banner to pay for these products and services.  All prices quoted from Service Desk Representatives include parts and labor (if applicable), core infrastructure, and maintenance.

* Please coordinate with Client Services prior to adding permanent resources to the wireless network.  Although TCC is supported with a very robust wireless network, "wired" connectivity is still the preferred method of connectivity in classroom environments.  Wireless technology can be adversely affected by many devices that utilize radio frequencies.  There is also the potential for over-saturation in certain areas.  As a result IT coordination is necessary to ensure adequate coverage.