August 2010

Truly a visionary

He has a reputation for supporting education—a reputation he has used to get things done in Oklahoma during the past eight years. And now, his time as governor ends with an award that exemplifies all of his contributions to educating Oklahomans.
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New report shows TCC among top 35 degree producers in nation

A new national report published in "Community College Week" has ranked Tulsa Community College among the top 35 colleges in the nation for number of graduates and shows TCC to be first in the nation in the number of graduates who are Native American.
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North side education statistics lead to action

Community leaders gathered last week at Tulsa Community College’s Northeast Campus to share information on the current state of education in north Tulsa. The event drew a variety of stakeholders who want to understand and change the achievement gap between north Tulsa schools and other schools in the district. Read More.

Never too early to learn

Learning is always better when there’s goo involved. Reading Skills Roundup, Playtime Theatre, Discovering Dinosaurs, Math in the Kitchen and Gooey Art—these are a few of the classes that dozens of children sprung out of bed to attend this summer. Read More.

Spotlight on TCC magazine available soon

Textbook alternatives, entrepreneurship, Early College High School and more will be featured in Tulsa Community College’s Spotlight on TCC magazine. Attendees at the Vision in Education Leadership Dinner Sept. 7 will receive their copies at the dinner. Read More.