TCC reaches students where they are with new mobile app

College students are using smart phones in droves. According to Digital Media Test Kitchen at the University of Colorado Boulder, 53 percent of college students own a smart phone, and 82 percent of college students use their mobile device for school-related tasks. To ensure that TCC communicates with students using the same medium that they are accustomed to using, TCC has launched the new, revised TCC Mobile 2.0 app.

The new app allows students to view user-friendly maps of TCC’s four campuses, get instant access to Blackboard (TCC’s online academic platform), browse courses, email and call professors and much more. The app reaches students where they are — whether they are in class, at work, in the gym or at home.

More interesting statistics:

74% of Teens (12-17) have access to the Internet through a mobile device

  • White 77%
  • Black 74%
  • Hispanic 63%

(Source: Pew Internet Teens and Privacy Management Survey, 2012)