TCC enhances Campus Police presence

Poice badge

Tulsa Community College maintains the safety and security of our over 30,000 students, faculty and staff as a highest priority. As part of the College’s ongoing efforts to develop a culture of safety, the TCC Police Department has committed to building a team comprised mostly of full-time TCC Campus Police officers, all of whom are fully certified by Oklahoma’s Council for Law Enforcement Education & Training.  

Four full time officers were recently sworn in by the Chief of TCC’s Police Department, Gene Wideman. They are Carmelia Brossett, Pat Dankbar , Louis Bordwine and Troy Nicolas.

In addition, TCC has created one phone number that students, faculty or employees on any campus may call if they need assistance from the Campus Police Department. The number is 918-595-8888. However, as always, anyone needing assistance in case of an emergency should always call 911.