Fire Training Center takes shape

Tulsa Community College, in partnership with the City of Tulsa, is closer to completing the construction of a new Tulsa Fire Department Safety Training Center. Construction is set to be complete in November of this year.

The center will provide state-of-the-art educational opportunities for rookie and long-time firefighters. Replacing the city’s current undersized and outdated training facility built in 1952, the $13.2 million project will include an actual fire station, where cadets and students can train in a building exactly like where they will work as firefighters.

The new Fire Training Center uses computer controlled, natural gas-fired training simulators. These training props provide realistic fire training scenarios including the intense heat, flames, smoke, sounds and overall chaos of a real fire situation, but with control features for the safety of trainees and staff. The natural gas props are clean burning with minimal environmental impact.

The center has other training props that simulate a floor structure weakened by a fire below, a total floor collapse, ceiling collapse simulators and movable partitions.

The partnership between TCC and the City of Tulsa Fire Department will facilitate student learning by giving qualified personnel opportunities to teach firefighters-in-training. Additionally, the new facility will provide opportunities to conduct joint training among area fire departments.