Travel Procedures

Request for Authority to Travel

 Any employee needing to travel on behalf of the College must complete a Request for Authority to Travel form.  The form must then be approved before any travel arrangements can be made.  The form normally requires approval by the employee's supervisor and an additional level of authority, unless the employee's supervisor is a Cabinet member.  Additionally, travel outside the State of Oklahoma requires Cabinet level approval, and international travel requires approval by the President of the College.  A video explaining this form is available in the HR Online Help section of MyTCC.


Airline Reservations

The Department of Administrative Services should be contacted at  ext. 7898 or 7979 to obtain cost estimates for airline reservations to be used in completing the Authority to Travel form.  Additionally the form should document the employee(s) full name (first, middle, and last name) as it appears on the employees photo ID to be used during travel, as well as their date of birth and contact information.  The approved form should then be scanned and attached to a purchase requisition, listing "Credit Card Transaction" as the vendor.  After departmental budgetary approval and budget checking the requisition will be forwarded to the Department of Administrative Services to make the appropriate reservations.  The employee will then receive email confirmation of the reservation and the travel voucher.  Please note that State statutes restrict the use of frequent travel miles earned through official State business travel and limits their use to offset future travel costs.  A video explaining procedueres for making airline reservations is available in the HR Online Help section of MyTCC.


College Vehicles

College vehicles should be utilized for College related travel when possible.  A video explaining the use of College vehicles is available in the HR Online Help section of MyTCC.


Registration & Lodging

Ordinarily, registration fees for conferences, workshops, seminars, etc., are treated as travel expenses and claimed for reimbursement on the employee's travel claim.  However, when deemed necessary, the College may pay the required registration fee directly for employees to attend the conference, workshop, seminar, etc.  Invoices for registration fees paid directly by the College must show the name and date(s) of the conference,  workshop, meeting, etc.  In addition, the miscellaneous claim packet should include the name(s) of the person(s) who attended, the objective of travel and cross-reference to the related travel claim(s), if applicable and available. Also, payment for direct purchase of registration should be encumbered through the College's purchasing system.   The commodity/account code to use for direct payment of registration fees is 722150 Registration - Agency Direct. 

Purchase orders orders are the preferred method of processing direct payments for registration and lodging.  However, advance credit card payment of registration fees is allowable for conferences, meetings, seminars, and similar events whereby in special situations an organization requires pre-registration along with pay and by standard policy will not accept a purchase order in lieu of payment.

When requesting direct purchase of registration and/or lodging, a purchase requisition should be initiated with a scanned copy of the approved Request for Authority to Travel attached as an Internal Attachment.  Requisitions for registrations should also include a scanned copy of a completed registration form attached as an External Attachment so it can be forwarded to the vendor along with a purchase order.  When these transactions must be processed by credit card, "Credit Card Transaction" should be selected as the vendor on the purchase requisition.  As noted above, advance payment of registrations are allowable, but hotel reservations can only be processed by credit card when the hotel agrees not to charge any room charges on the card until checkout.

A video explaining procedures for payment of registration fees is available in the HR Online Help section of MyTCC.


Travel Reimbursement

Travel reimbursement claim forms may be submitted to the TCC Comptroller's office or submitted electronically in the sciQuest purchasing system.  Please note that TCC utilizes US General Services Administration per diem rates, which are available on the GSA website.  When claiming mileage reimbursement for mileage within the State of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation Mileage Table should be used to obain official mileage between cities, and the Rand McNally Mileage Calculator should be used for detemining mileage to destinations outside the State of Oklahoma.  A video explaining completion of the travel claim forms is available in the HR Online Help section of MyTCC.


Vendor Travel

Per OMES policy and Oklahoma statutes, suppliers that may incur travel expenses pursuant to an acquisition by the College from the supplier shall include travel expenses in the total acquisition price in the supplier’s bid, proposal, or quotation.  The College shall not pay any supplier travel expenses in addition to the total price of the acquisition.