Saturday Schedule

Time Title
12:01:41 AM Nosferatu
1:28:16 AM Phantom From Space
2:41:26 AM Killers From Space
3:52:57 AM White Zombie
4:58:48 AM The Corpse Vanishes
6:02:19 AM The Amazing Transparent Man
7:00:01 AM The Last Man On Earth
8:27:04 AM Planet of Prehistoric Women
9:49:19 AM The Phantom Planet
11:11:57 AM The Brain That Wouldn't Die
12:23:35 PM The House on Haunted Hill
1:39:14 PM Teenage Zombies
2:52:28 PM Creature From The Haunted Sea
4:07:43 PM The Little Shop
5:20:59 PM Carnival of Souls
6:46:48 PM The Terror
8:06:38 PM Night of The Living Dead
9:43:39 PM Plan 9 from outerspace
11:02:30 PM The Amazing Transparent Man