Second Saturday Student Service Starts Soon

December 5, 2017

Beginning in January, expanded student services will be available at the Metro Campus the second Saturday of every month from 8:00 a.m. to noon. Services available to students will include the Bursar, Enrollment Services, Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Testing Services, the Campus Store and the Fitness Center.

The initiative comes at the end of a four-week process to determine how better to meet students' needs. A taskforce of 18 individuals represented all the different service areas of the college.

"The goal was to meet the needs of people who could not come to a campus during our normal hours," says Chelle Davidson, TCC college bursar.

The Metro Campus will host the additional hours and was selected because of its location, as well as the services already available.

"The building was already open," said Davidson. "It was the best utilization of resources."

The taskforce polled more than 2500 students. Of those who responded, 72 percent indicated they would benefit from student services being open one Saturday a month.

"We felt like it was a really good option," said Davidson. "We know we can't accommodate everyone's schedule, but we felt like this provided the most flexibility for staff and students."

Staff input was vital to the initiative, and the taskforce worked toward a flexible option that didn't overburden any one department. "We wanted it to appeal to those staff who're already working," said Erin Reed, TCC senior academic advisor. "The proposal allows people from different offices to rotate and only have to work two or three Saturdays a year."

Davidson and Reed say the second Saturdays service model will be evaluated for effectiveness at the culmination of each semester.

"Our proposal included recommendations for how to gather data and assess traffic on those days to make sure it's an effective use of our staff time and resources,” said Davidson.