Employees honored for excellence at TCC’s Convocation

Seven full-time faculty members, five staff, three professional staff, and four part-time faculty members were recognized with the Excellence Awards at the 2013 Tulsa Community College Convocation. The winners were nominated by their peers at TCC, and they each received a plaque and a stipend from Tulsa Community College Foundation.

Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence winners:

Lynnda Brown has been a catalyst for the success of TCC’s online education experience. She has contributed to the excellent standards for online education at TCC, both for students and faculty. She offers ongoing encouragement and support to online faculty. Lynnda handles her responsibilities with professionalism, wisdom and grace. It is because of these attributes that she consistently receives positive feedback from all those she encounters.

Dr. Kara Ryan-Johnson is dedicated to student success, and her dedication reaches beyond the confines of a classroom within the Communications Division. As a life-long learner, she regularly researches best practices for empowering students to become independent thinkers. And, one cannot speak of Kara without mentioning her tireless work with Achieving the Dream at TCC. Because of her hard work as co-chair of the orientation subcommittee, students are better prepared for College.

Jim Elder uses team-based collaborative learning techniques in the Science and Mathematics Division. He incorporates innovative teaching techniques and looks for ways to enhance learning. He is an engaging lecturer who keeps students entertained as they learn. To stay current within his field, he attends biology seminars presented by the University of Tulsa’s Biology Department. Jim is a member of the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society and the Oklahoma Native Plant Society.

Mary Ellen Sullivan upholds and maintains high standards of professionalism in the Nursing Division. She has a gift for paying attention to details and explaining those details to students. She shows compassion for students and has been a spiritual rock for her colleagues during tough times. Her caring and supportive nature has made her an asset to all those around her. Mary Ellen has served on numerous committees and task forces at TCC.

Patty Smith sets high standards for her students as an instructor in the Science and Mathematics Division. She expects students to build a foundation of factual knowledge while simultaneously developing analytical and communication skills. She keeps students engaged by allowing them to experience the subject on field trips. Patty is well-respected in her field and active in biological fieldwork and research. She also takes an active, thoughtful role in activities throughout the College.

Glenn Jones enjoys introducing new methods of learning to students in the Business, Information & Engineering Technologies Division. As such, he has taken on several student interns to work with him on network software and hardware. He provides his interns with realistic job experiences, giving them a good background before they enter the workforce. Glenn is active in campus activities and has participated in national conferences for professional development.

Tom Rowe loves teaching ESL classes in the Communications Division. He develops creative assignments that help students learn the English language. He embodies the ideal of helping students and colleagues learn and grow. Tom has demonstrated excellence in his service to students, the College and the community. In fact, he pioneered sixth-hour tutoring so that students could come in for an hour after class for extra help. He has a sincere interest in seeing his students succeed.

Staff Award for Service Excellence winners:

Jerry Rhodes has served Tulsa Community College for over 30 years, helping students and staff through his role in the Comptroller’s Office. He is an invaluable part of TCC and demonstrates what it means to be a team player. When stressful situations arise, Jerry keeps smiling. He demonstrates quality service both at work and in his community, with experience in volunteering as a softball coach and as a trustee at his church.

Larry Bittick is a diligent employee in the Enrollment Services Office. He evaluates hundreds of transcripts annually to ensure TCC students have met all the requirements to graduate. He developed a system that enables him to find a specific transcript in a brief amount of time. Being a former TCC student himself, Larry is passionate in assisting students. He has a remarkable sense of recalling TCC facts and is known to many as the TCC Historian.

Becca Floyd is highly committed to TCC through her role in the Nursing Division. She keeps her skills current so that she can be efficient when using Banner, SciQuest and Cognos. She enjoys working with faculty and absolutely loves helping students achieve their goals. She has served TCC on the College Staff Council and assisted with United Way fundraisers. Becca is involved in her community and her church, volunteering to serve on several outreach programs.

Pam Lucas is a vital employee within the Science and Mathematics Division. She supports faculty by ensuring they have the appropriate supplies and equipment to teach their lab classes. She is organized, reliable, responsible and hardworking. She supports the division office in numerous ways. For example, she recently assisted in developing and designing an organic chemistry course. Pam is a professional who performs her duties impeccably and with a smiling heart.

Keilah Deatherage possesses a wealth of knowledge that is relevant to her role in Advisement and Career Services. She volunteers for many projects outside her normal TCC advisement responsibilities, such as New Student Orientation and Phi Theta Kappa. Well-respected and well-liked by students and colleagues, Keilah is often asked to assist with TCC functions. She is eager for new experiences and welcomes any opportunity to promote student success.

Professional Staff Award for Service Excellence winners:

Lyn Kent works countless hours to ensure operations run smoothly in the Science and Mathematics Division. Her dedication to the learning process is evident in her commitment to the 30 full-time faculty, six staff and 130-plus part-time instructors in her division. Her leadership has effected real change at the College, perhaps most notably TCC’s addition of MathPath courses. Lyn is a quiet leader who asks all the right questions and drives each member of the team to success.

Lindsay Fields gives support wherever it is needed in the Enrollment Services Division. She maintains positive working relationships with faculty, students and staff across the College. She also represents TCC in a positive light within the community. She is a valued member of several committees at TCC because of her ability to solve problems before they develop. She is personable and professional, and somehow always manages to have a clean desk at the end of every day.

Gornie Williams is a true leader in the Business and Information Technology Division. He maintains relationships and partnerships with corporations, foundations and universities to ensure the division’s academic programs continue to flourish. He works closely with faculty and staff, encouraging group interaction. He was instrumental in brainstorming the initial Launch program and has served as a judge in the TCC StartUp Cup competition. Gornie believes in innovation and teamwork—and it shows.

Part-Time Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence winners:

James Price has worked at TCC over four decades in the Science and Mathematics Division. He uses cooperative learning and differentiated instructional strategies in his classes to ensure student success. He has taken several computer classes to assist him in developing his course work and exams. James has donated 2 gallons of blood to the Red Cross and frequently donates clothing and furniture to John 3:16 Mission in Tulsa.

Cheryl Lindle brings expertise from the corporate teaching environment to the TCC Liberal Arts Division. She encourages and pushes students to fully engage in conversation each class period. She uses creative teaching methods to understand social influence and intrigue, and she empowers her students to be active learners. Cheryl is a member of the United Way and Women’s Leadership Council. She also supports MDA, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Bowl for Kid’s Sake.

Peter Kovaleski provides students with more than textbook knowledge in the Business, Information and Technology Division. His class involves hands-on lab activities that give students real-world experience. Under his own initiative, he has worked with companies to get them to donate equipment that students can learn from, such as networking switches. Peter teaches students how to make network cables, troubleshoot network issues and install operating systems. In his spare time, he volunteers at his local church.

Dianne Kirk is an instrumental component of the Science and Mathematics Division. She has dedicated considerable time, expertise and effort toward creating an outstanding Clinical Pathology group of courses. She is a constant for students in the changing field of Veterinary Technology, and motivates students to do their very best. Her interpersonal skills are exemplary. Dianne has that rare quality of placing people at ease in many different situations while maintaining a professional demeanor. She adds great value to TCC.