TCC Forms Comedy Improv Group and Announces Auditions

The Tulsa Community College Theatre Program is forming a new improvisational comedy troupe called, Die Laughing.  The improve comedy troupe is the brainchild of Mark Frank, the new theatre coordinator for the TCC Theatre Program. Die Laughing Improvwill host performances at TCC and will tour area high schools to inspire future students to pursue performing arts.

“The popularity of television shows like, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and “Saturday Night Live” has created a strong interest in improvisational and sketch comedy with students,” said Frank.  “Plus, this will be an additional element to create a well-rounded Fine Arts education that offers quality comedy training so students could pursue opportunities with groups like the Second City Improvisational comedy school in Chicago.”

Frank joined TCC in August after he spent nearly 20 years as the Theatre Director at Coffeyville Community College and built the largest theatre program in the state of Kansas.  He created The Rubber Chicken Factory Improvisational Comedy troupe at CCC and had six students go through the Second City Improvisational training program after doing two years of improv comedy at the college level.

Auditions for Die Laughing Improv are from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sept. 13 at TCC Southeast Campus – Performing Arts Center for Education (PACE) classroom 6103.  The auditions are open to TCC students and the public.  No experience is necessary.

“Comedy brings out the best in performers. The bond of laughter between audience and performer helps the performer get over their fear and gain energy from the audience response,” said Frank.  “The greatest thing about improvisational comedy is that the audience is brought onstage to participate and becomes part of the show which makes laughing at ourselves much easier and removes the fear of failure.”

For more information about auditions please call 918-595-7732.