Emily McSpadden’s “Silberhaus Nussknacker” selected as TCC’s holiday card

Emily McSpadden is the Tulsa Community College student artist behind the colorful 2012 TCC Holiday card titled “Silberhaus Nussknacker.”  She put acrylic paint on canvas back in December 2011 for a holiday-themed class project.  Her work was selected to be the official TCC holiday card for this year, and TCC President Dr. Tom McKeon is mailing the cards to employees and friends of the College.

(Photo:  McSpadden and her instructor Kristal Tomshany were recognized at the December TCC Board of Regents meeting)

“I am interested in art,” McSpadden said.  “Well, I am really interested in illustration.”

Her painting of a nutcracker and a pile of presents was part of a still-life exercise in TCC Adjunct Professor Kristal Tomshany’s fall 2011 class.  Since then, Tomshany has had McSpadden in several more classes such as Drawing I and II. 

Even though Tomshany was not a judge, she said she believes the realism and use of color and space likely caught the judges’ eyes.

McSpadden received a $500 check from the TCC Foundation and 100 of the printed holiday cards as a gift for her contribution.