Launch: What's Your BIG IDEA?

Now is the time to go from a “someday” entrepreneur to an actual business owner in 2014.  The Launch: Your Entrepreneurial Journal powered by Tulsa Community College will help you design and build your own business.  If you are one of those “someday” entrepreneurs, always talking about starting a business someday, this is the time to act with a hands-on building program.

Launch: Your Entrepreneurial Journey powered by Tulsa Community College is specifically designed to accelerate the start-up process by walking entrepreneurs through the critical steps of starting a business.  The program is led by a team of entrepreneurial thought leaders that take the participant from an idea to operating a company and/or making a prototype in 16 weeks.

“I think most people have the entrepreneurial spirit within them,” said Dr. Brett Campbell, TCC Southeast Campus Provost who leads entrepreneurial initiatives at the college.  “The Launch program seeks to expand their skills to take action and build products, services, and businesses with hands-on mentoring and coaching from experienced entrepreneurs as well as introducing participants to a large network of entrepreneurs, funding sources and specialists.”

The Launch program is held once a year starting in February, and is made up of weekly experiential business-building sessions designed to support development of a start-up, from the core business model to the bootstrapping process.

Individuals with an idea for a new business or that have been in business less than one year, can submit an application at  The deadline to apply is Jan. 15, 2014.  Applicants will be evaluated, invited for interviews, and up to 18 will be invited to participate in Launch Flight VI.

To learn more about Launch, you can attend a free information session at 5:30 p.m., Jan. 2, 2014 at the TCC Metro Campus Center for Creativity or 5:30 p.m., Jan. 9, 2014 at TCC Southeast Campus.

For additional information go to or call 918-595-7723.