TCC Students Settle into Routine Following Metro Campus Fire

Tulsa Community College students have settled into a new routine following a fire that forced summer classes to move from Metro Campus to one of the other three TCC campuses.

That routine may require a few extra minutes and a shuttle ride to get to class.

On June 17, an electrical fire damaged Metro’s Main Academic Building and knocked out power to it, the Phillips Health Science Center, and the Student Union.  (The Center for Creativity at Metro Campus was not impacted by the fire.)

TCC academic leaders and administrators came up with a plan to relocate and resume classes just two days after the fire and relocated nearly 4,000 students, faculty and staff to Northeast, Southeast and West Campuses.

To help ease the transportation concerns, TCC provided shuttles for Metro students to get to other campuses.

Since the shuttles began operation on June 24, TCC has seen about 50 to 60 riders each day.  The shuttles will continue to operate until August 1.

In addition, the Metro Class Relocation hotline set up by TCC handled nearly 400 calls while it was in operation from June 20 through June 27.  A majority of the calls related to information about class relocation.