Electrical Fire Interrupts Classes at TCC's Metro Campus

Tulsa Community College’s Metro Campus, except for the Center for Creativity, will be closed Wednesday, June 19.  TCC experienced an electrical fire in its main academic building at the Metro Campus on Monday. As a result, contingency plans must be made for services and academic programs and classes.  The fire happened in a section of the main distribution panel when an electric switch gear caught fire.

Information for Students:

·       The Metro Campus is closed except for the Center for Creativity effective Wednesday, June 19.  Students will be notified by their instructor with the location where the class will meet or continuation plans.

·       TED, MyTCC and Blackboard should be fully operational by Tuesday evening, June 18 (today).

·       Metro Campus Student Services, such as enrollment services, financial aid and the bursar office, are being relocated. More information will be available soon.

·       All other campuses are fully operational.

Information for Employees:

·       The main academic building is still being inspected for safety and electrical compliance. Some service areas are being relocated.  Supervisors will contact Metro Campus employees to notify them when and where to report. 

College Community and Tulsa Community: 

·       Please refer to the website for all updates as to class and service locations for the Metro Campus.  Our goal is to relocate students in a way that minimizes disruption to their academic schedules.  Also, we hope to have a dedicated area on the TCC website soon that will provide more information and ongoing updates related to the Metro Campus relocation plans.