In their own words: reflection and gratitude from TCC graduates

This day is truly a blessing and a time to reflect. I want to thank my family for all their love and support, for the wonderful professors at TCC that care about my success, especially Mrs. Jennifer Kneafsey, and a special thank you to the Tulsa Achieves Program for making my education possible!  -Cat Klarich

It feels amazing to be getting an associate’s in chemistry because I have worked so hard since I started here in the fall of 2009. Thank you to my parents, my sister Lindsay, my friends, my professors, my classmates, and best of all Google. Tonight means a lot to my family and me!  -Morgan Johnson

I'm here tonight as a testament to my husband John's love, encouragement and support. Thanks to the instructors at the Southeastern Campus, I'm well prepared to continue studying biology and hopefully someday earn a PhD in microbiology and immunology!  -Heather Jackson

I am very excited to be graduating from TCC this year. I have learned a multitude of lessons throughout my time spent there. Thank you to all of my family, friends, instructors, and even complete strangers who have aided and encouraged me. As I look back at the past three years, I am proud to know I have conquered.  -Jordan Kelley

I'm so glad quitting wasn't an option. My OTA degree is SO WORTH sticking it out!  OT Rocks!  -Janet Smith

Today I am honored to be graduating in front of Jeanette Patterson, the most amazing grandmother who raised me, and my father James Handy whom I met only two years ago. The love, advice and encouragement I have received from both of them is why I am here today.  -Noelle Pernetter

With the challenges of being a single mother of a child with Autism, I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to go back to school. But with the flexibility of TCC courses, amazing faculty, and the overwhelming support from my family and friends, I have not only achieved my goal here at TCC, but I now have the courage to set my sights higher!  -Robyn Ashinhurst

Wow! What can you say about all your dreams coming true? Tonight my son Zack will graduate here right beside me. Thanks to my wife Rhonda, my children, TCC and all my study buddies. Love ya’ll!  -Jack "Wade" Lethermon

I would like to thank my husband Adam for supporting my decision to return to school to get a good education. I could not have been as successful without his flexibility and support.  -Mary Marlin

This completes the first step of a long journey through academia—a path that has not always been easy.  Without my dad's support, I truly do not believe I would have made it. My parents are the reason I work hard and continue to climb higher. My only wish is that my mom was still here to see me walk across the stage.  -Christopher Horton

Look mom and dad, I did it! Thank you to my parents and grandparents for always encouraging me through my journey in college. And, thank you to my wonderful husband for supporting me through these times in our life. Finally, thank the beautiful Lord for blessing my life, so that I can be where I am today!  -Aubrey Bushyhead

I am so happy to be graduating from TCC with my Associate in Human Resources and my Certificate of Achievement in Human Resources. This night is really special to me and my family. My associate degree has prepared me to be the entrepreneur that I am today. Thanks Tulsa Community College!  -Lisa M. Palmer

TCC has been more than a college—it has given me the confidence and knowledge to pursue a career in acting by means of a theatre and psychology degree. My faith in God gave me strength; being a member of Phi Theta Kappa taught me to strive for higher standards; my family--Doug, daughter Tabitha, mom, and professors-Thanks!  -Karie Sill

I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for making all things possible; my wonderful family for being supportive; and my parents on campus (faculty & staff) Mr. John Kahre and Mrs. Melody Simmons.  -NaCretia Alexander

To the instructors and staff who inspired and challenged me, thank you. To my family and friends who celebrated my accomplishments, thank you. And most of all, thank you to my children because you loved me enough to share your writing techniques, tutor me in math and pack snacks in my book bag to surprise me. I love you to the end of space...and back!  -Kathy Portley

I would like to thank GOD, all the wonderful staff at the Northeast Campus, my friends and family for their extraordinary encouragement and assistance over the past few years. THANK YOU!!!  -Adriane Hausher

It's been a long time coming so I am so excited to be graduating tonight!  I am so thankful to God for directing my paths, and I look forward to the future. I have to especially thank my only daughter Maraya for being such a wonderful, encouraging daughter and for being patient while mommy has to do homework!  :-)  -Margo Blue

Earning my associate’s degree from TCC is a sigh of relief knowing I will continue to earn my bachelor’s at OSU. I thank my dad the most, my God Family and the Halls, babysitters for watching my daughter, and of course Daniel for all believing in me from day one!  -Tyler Hill

I am beyond thrilled to be getting my associate's degree! I am the first in my family to graduate, so this is a very big deal. Thank you to my Lord and Savior for always being by my side; my parents for their support; and my boyfriend for sharing encouraging words. I also want to thank all of my teachers. Thank you TCC!  -Lillian Gaines

FINALLY! I could not have accomplished this, except for the encouragement, love, and help from God, my wonderful family, and a group of brilliant and caring professors!  :-)  -Karin Sweetwood

Thank you to my wife, daughter, mother, father, family, and friends. I would not have made it this far without such a strong support system.  -William "BJ" Dillon

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