TCC part-time professor takes his message of resiliency to at-risk youth in 3 states

Oklahoma author and motivational speaker, Corey D. Taylor, launches a three-state motivational tour on Friday, November 9, 2012.  Taylor is a part-time faculty member at Tulsa Community College where he teaches public speaking in the Communications department.

For Taylor, this tour is something that was birthed out of a sincere desire to infuse hope into hurting youth.  “I decided to launch this tour to embed hope into the hearts of hurting kids,” said Taylor.  “We can stand by our water coolers and marvel at the growing suicide rate in this nation among the middle and high school aged youth, but if we aren’t reaching out, then that dialogue is nothing but hot air.”  He’s calling it the ‘The 2012 Resiliency Tour’ with the tour beginning in Oklahoma City with stops at Boys & Girls Clubs, middle and high schools in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

Taylor, who is the 2012 Emmy and TELLY Award winning movie producer of The Wayman Tisdale Story, credits the comedian Dr. William “Bill” Cosby with motivating him to put some action to his rant.  “Dr. Cosby has been making a clarion call to the black men of this nation to take the lead in our communities for years.  I had the opportunity to meet with him on his recent visit to Oklahoma, and that dialogue really served to motivate me to clear my calendar and hit the pavement,” said Taylor.

Coming from the inner city of St. Louis, MO, Taylor knows first-hand some of the challenges underprivileged youth face.  Hoping to touch as many youth as possible during his five-week tour, Taylor says that in his opinion this tour is about one thing only - giving back, “2012 has been an amazing year for me, and I can think of no better way to celebrate God’s blessings in my life than to use his gifts to tie the knot in the rope of a young person who may be struggling to sustain hope.”

Corey D. Taylor lives in Tulsa with his wife, Shantelle, and his four children.  To learn more about Taylor’s tour, visit his website at