Event and Caterers Guidelines



§  Burning candles, confetti and glitter are NOT allowed.

§  Client must be on site during setup to make changes or adjustments to the set up.

§  All items that need to be hung must have prior approval.

§  Special electrical requests must have prior approval.

§ Alcohol is prohibited on College property.  Exceptions must be granted by the VP of Administration.

§  If alcohol is allowed to be served, an alcohol license must be secured through the caterer and on display during the event.

§  The client’s beginning contract time is when all service providers may enter the building to begin setup and/or decorating. 

§  The client’s ending contract time is when all clean-up must be completed and the building vacated.  Any special arrangements for earlier entry or later ending must be made in advance and may involve additional fees.

§  If the caterer or catering staff leaves before the clean-up is completed it will be the CLIENT’S responsibility to clean, mop and remove trash.

§  Caterers, bakeries, florists, musicians and rental supply companies MUST contact the Event Coordinator if special delivery arrangements are needed for deliveries before an event.

§  All items delivered to C4C prior to an event must be stored in the kitchen or loading dock area.

§  All deliveries should be made at the loading dock on the west side of the building.


I acknowledge that I have read the above guidelines and agree to comply with all Tulsa Community College policies.  I further understand that I accept responsibility for my actions, and the actions of my contracted service vendors and their employees and my guests.



Signed: ___________________Date: _________________





§  C4C does not supply linens, dishes, utensils, serving pieces, aluminum foil, Ziploc bags, plastic wrap, or paper products. 

The client or caterer must provide these items.

§  All liquids and ice must be disposed of in the kitchen sinks NOT in the bathroom sinks or onto the parking lot or grass.

§  C4C does NOT have a garbage disposal.  DO NOT rinse food down any of the sinks.

§  Coffee grounds must be put in the trash NOT in the sinks.

§  All rented dishes must be rinsed and racked completely if they are left in the building overnight and must be stacked/stored in the kitchen or the loading dock area.

§  Prior approval is needed for rented equipment, dishes, utensils, linens, etc. to be left overnight.

§  If paper or plastic plates, cups or utensils are used it is the caterer’s responsibility to dispose of all of them before leaving the building.

§  Please use the recycling bins but do not use the recycling bins for trash.

§  ALL trash and food must be removed from the building at the conclusion of an event.

§  ALL trash must be placed in the dumpster on the west side of the building outside the kitchen door.

§  Kitchen sinks, counter tops, carts, rolling tables, and microwave must be cleaned.

§  The kitchen floor MUST be swept and mopped at the end of the event.

§  The kitchen area, hallways and event hall MUST be swept and/or spot-mopped if spills occur.  Please DO NOT track spills into other areas.



Signed: ______________    Date: _________________