What's Happening

Come explore at the Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity. We offer a variety of free workshops, lectures, art exhibitions, and events. With free, convenient parking and short lunchtime workshops, it’s easy to work a little creativity into your day.

 “I Can’t” Workshops

Think you can’t do something, like draw, dance, design, and more? Our “I Can’t” workshops are designed just for you. Wake up a dormant part of your brain by trying something new. These friendly, no-pressure workshops are taught by TCC faculty and community artists, and are designed to be an enjoyable diversion from the daily grind. Held over the lunch hour for a short ‘n sweet 45 minutes, they’re low-commitment and fun. And who knows, at the end of the workshop, you might find yourself wondering, “What else do I think I can’t do?”


Outdoor Yoga!

Experience yoga classes on the Center’s Boston Avenue Terrace. Enjoy a view of the urban canyon and improve your flexibility, balance, strength, and more. Class Schedule & Info