Curriculum Pattern

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Curriculum Pattern


Prerequisites: (All program prerequisites must be completed with a “C” or better by the end of the spring semester in which the student is applying.)

College Algebra, Human Anatomy and Physiology with a lab, English Composition I, and Applied Medical Physics

** check with DMS faculty in January for any changes in prerequisites

First Year - First FallHoursSecond Year - Second FallHours
DMS 1103 Acoustical Physics and Instrumentation I3DMS 2123 Abdominal Sonography II3
DMS 1002 Intro to Diagnostic Medical Sonography2DMS 2133 OB/Gyn Sonography II3
ALDH 1323 Medical Terminology3DMS 2101 Medical Communication1
PSYC 2323 Conflict Resolution or PSYC 1113 Intro to Psychology3DMS 2148 Clinical Practice5
COMM 1113 Public Speaking3  
Total Credits14Total Credits11
First Year - First Spring Second Year - Spring  
DMS 1223 Abdominal Sonography I3DMS 2131 Ultrasound Seminar3
DMS 1233 OB/Gyn Sonography I3POLS 1113 American Federal Government1
DMS 1213 Acoustical Physics & Instrumentation II2DMS 2148 Sonography Clinical Practice IV8
Total Credits6Total Credits12
First Year - Summer   
DMS 1224 Sonographic Neuro and Small Parts4  
DMS 1252 Sonography Clinical Practice II2  
Total Credits6  

Applicant must go online and submit an application to Tulsa Community College at the college’s website,  If you are or have been enrolled at Tulsa Community College, no TCC application is needed.  Please notify the Registrar’s Office if you have a name change, address and/or telephone change since turning in your application.

SendOfficial Collegetranscript(s) to the registrar’s office from each college attended.

The itemized estimate of cost for the 5 semester

 Associate of Applied Science Degree is subject to change