Program Estimated Cost


Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Program Estimated Cost 


Program Estimated Cost: The following is an itemized estimate of cost for the two (2) year Associate of Applied Science Degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.  TUITION AND FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


TCC Application Fee                                               $20

Tuition and Student Fees ($110.00/hr x72)             $7920

Laboratory Fees                                                      $120   

Uniforms (@ 5 sets)                                               $250

Books                                                                      $1500

Malpractice Insurance ($13.50/year)                      $27

Background Check and Drug Screen                    $100

Uniforms:                                                                $150

Clinical report system                                             $150

Total                                                                        $10,237

Updated: April 2014