Concerns or Complaints

Concerns or complaints about this program should be directed to:

Gary Brasewell, BS, MS
Allied Health Services
OTA Program Director
909 S. Boston MP 334
Tulsa OK 74119


Allied Health Division
909 S. Boston Ave MP 458
Tulsa, OK 74119



Filing Complaints
Any regularly enrolled student of Tulsa Community College, or any member of the community at large, may file a complaint that a violation of college policy has been committed. Such a complaint may be registered verbally or in writing to the Director of Public Safety/Campus Police or Supervisor of Public Safety/Campus Police, Dean of Student Services or Campus Provost. Ultimately, a complaint must be reduced to writing and signed by the complaining party. If the complaint involves allegations of discrimination under federal laws such as Section 504, Sexual Harassment, Title VI or Title IX, the complaint shall be filed with the Dean of Student Services. All formal complaints will be investigated within 30 days by the administrative officer having jurisdiction.