Class Selection Criteria

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All students who apply to the Radiography program before February 1 each year, will be ranked according to an academic formula which includes:

·         ACT/SAT scores in Math, Science, and Composite.

·         College GPA or High School GPA if less than 12 college hours have been completed.

·         General education classes completed which count toward the Radiography degree.

One ranking point is given for each general education class completed in the Radiography curriculum and previously obtaining any degree and/or Phlebotomy certification.

Five ranking points are given for completion of BIOL1314 Human Anatomy and Physiology with a C grade or better.

Four ranking points are given for completion of, or current enrollment in, RADT 1212 Introduction to Radiography.  This class is offered as open enrollment in the spring and summer semesters each year.

Two ranking points are given to students who have their application held over for consideration with the next year’s class.  Applications will be held a maximum of 2 years.

 Highest ranking scores will be attained by students who have the highest numbers in the categories above.

There are no pre-requisite courses for the Radiography program.  Students who rank in the top 50 applicants will be asked to attend an interview session with the program director after February 1 each year.


Admission to the program is contingent on students passing a national background check, which includes fraud and sex offender registry, and 10 panel drug screen.

Applicants with a criminal background should first review the Ethics requirements of the ARRT.  Information can be found at, Ethics link.