Yvonne Goolsby, Assistant Professor of Business
Tulsa Community College
Metro Campus
909 S. Boston Ave., MC 416
Tulsa, OK  74119-2095
Fax: 918.595.7038 


Educational Background
A.S., Tulsa Community College
B.S., M.S., Oklahoma State University

Courses Taught
BUSN 1123 - Keyboarding 1 
Introduction and development of alpha/numeric keyboarding skills using the touch method on the microcomputer. Development of speed and accuracy. 

BUSN 1353 - Business Mathematics 
Development of the ability to apply mathematics fundamentals to business applications through the use of the touch method on 10-key electronic calculators. Includes percentage calculations, simple interest, bank discount, compound interest, annuities and payrolls.

BUSN 2643 - Procedures for the Administrative Assistant 
This course includes issues related to changes in the workplace, current technology in the workplace, communications, records management, financial issues, conference and meeting planning, travel arrangements and exploration of career opportunities.