TCC/NSU Concurrent Enrollment Nursing Program

Tulsa Community College to NSU, Smart Choice

Tulsa Community College/Northeastern State University Concurrent Enrollment Nursing Program
Eligible students can take NSU online Nursing courses concurrently with TCC Nursing Program.

Criteria for Admission

  • Acceptance to TCC and TCC's School of Nursing
  • Acceptance to NSU and eligibility to NSU's School of Nursing
  • A completed Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree, or completion of NSU's general education component
  • Completion of ALL prerequisite courses for both NSU and TCC prior to starting the concurrent program, e.g., chemistry, college algebra and statistics
  • An overall GPA of 3.0 or higher

Dr. Gayle Cudé

TCC/NSU Concurrent Nursing Program
When you accept your seat into this program, you also agree to follow this plan of study. It must be followed without deviation. In the event that it has become absolutely necessary to modify this plan, you MUST meet with the concurrent program advisor. To keep your status as a concurrent student, you need to be enrolled in a NSU nursing course every semester without exception.

Semester 1 (Spring) Total: 10 Credits
TCC NURS 1113 Adult Health I3
TCC NURS 1111 Adult Health I - clinical1
TCC NURS 1143 Overview of Professional Development3
TCC NURS 1163 Principles of Pharmacology & Medication Safety3
No NSU hours; students must demonstrate ability to pass 1st semester; could take statistics at TCC &/or NSU elective (not required) APA Workshop 
Summer: Complete courses needed for TCC and/or NSU; statistics if not completed yet 
Semester 3/2 (Fall)Total: 14 Credits
TCC NURS 2213 Adult Health II3
TCC NURS 2212 Adult Health II - Clinical2
TCC NURS 2222 Pediatric Nursing2
TCC NURS 2221 Pediatric Nursing - Clinical1
NSU NURS 3003 Professional Nursing Role & NURS 4102 Fundamentals of Research6
Semester 3/2 (Spring)Total: 14 Credits
TCC NURS 2243 Adult Health III3
TCC NURS 2242 Adult Health III - Clinical2
TCC NURS 2232 Maternal-Newborn Nursing2
TCC NURS 2231 Maternal-Newborn Nursing - Clinical1
NSU NURS Family Health Nursing & NURS 3102 Cultural Competency6
SummerTotal: 3 Credits
NSU NURS 3053 Health Assessment3
Semester 4 (Fall)Total: 13 Credits
TCC NURS 2444 Adult Health IV & Leadership4
TCC NURS 2442 Adult Health IV & Leadership - Clinical2
TCC NURS 2432 Complex Mental Health2
TCC NURS 2431 Complex Mental Health - Clinical1
NSU NURS 4115 Community Health Nursing (field experience after RN licensure)*(5) 4
Graduate from TCC with AAS, take an NCLEX-RN. Then, take the following at NSU and graduate in May or July with a BSN. 
SpringTotal: 12 Credits
NSU NURS 4003 Trend and Issues3
NSU NURS 4115 Field Experience - after RN licensure, Start & Finish*(1)
NSU NURS 4214 Leadership Management in Nursing4
NSU NURS 4294 Professional Nursing Synthesis (Start FE after RN licensure)4
NSU NURS 4294 - finish if necessary