Faculty & Staff Directory

The Nursing Division is comprised of approximately 30 full-time faculty holding Masters in Nursing degrees, 5 holding Doctorates, and 10 to 15 adjunct faculty, all of whom teach in clinical sites and/or in the college's nursing simulation lab. A strength of the program is the diversity of faculty backgrounds in both their professional and academic experiences. The faculty is focused on student success and providing students with optimum learning experiences in the classroom, lab, and clinical environments.

Rick Hollingsworth, D. Min, MS, RN
Associate Dean of Nursing, Endowed Chair
909 South Boston MP 256
Tulsa OK 74119
Deb Brown, Administrative Assistant IICarol Erdely, Administrative Assistant I
Metro Campus Nursing DivisionMetro Campus Nursing Division
MP 256, 918-595-7198MP 256, 918-595-7075
Skylar Brown, Nursing Academic AdvisorDebbie Johnston, Administrative Assistant II
Metro Campus Nursing DivisionSoutheast Campus Nursing Division
MP 224, 918-595-7189SE 8199, 918-595-8646
Bednar, Carolyn MS, RNBlevins, Jamie Ed.D, MS, RN 
MC 333, 918-595-7316SE 8291, 918-595-8628 
Bright, Rachel MS, RNCarbuhn, Rita MS, RN 
MC 322, 918-595-8952MC 345, 918-595-8594 
rachel.bright1@tulsacc.edu rita.carbuhn@tulsacc.edu 
Clark, Betty MS, RNCoker-Boyd, Tina MS, RN 
MC 347, 918-595-7072MC 321, 918-595-8689 
Cude, Gayle Ph.D, MS, RNEagleton, Alison MS, RN
MP 212, 918-595-8907MC 456, 918-595-7254
Feken, Cheryl MS, RNFields, Jenny MS, RN 
SE 8195, 918-595-8696MC 355, 918-595-8692 
Frazier, Teresa Ph.d, MS, RN George, Christina MS, RN 
MC 433, 918-595-8690 MC 449, 918-595-8675 
teresa.frazier@tulsacc.edu christina.george@tulsacc.edu 
Gerow, Lisa Ph.D, RN Guthrie, Leslie MS, RN 
MP 208, 918-595-7202 MC 338, 918-595-7387 
lisa.gerow@tulsacc.edu leslie.guthrie@tulsacc.edu  
Han, Joo-Hee MSN, RN Harrison, Renee MS, RN 
MC 350, 918-595-7322 SE 8299, 918-595-7204 
joohee.han@tulsacc.edu renee.harrison@tulsacc.edu 
Jackson, Janet DNP, RNKramer, Cindy MSN, RN
SE 8290, 918-595-7213MC 541, 918-595-8943
Lyons- Coyle, Linda MS, RN McCoy, Patricia MS, RN
SE 8193, 918-595-8694 MC 334, 918-595-8918
linda.lyonscoyle@tulsacc.edu pat.mccoy2@tulsacc.edu
Merritt, Stephanie MS, RN Moaliitele, Dorothy MS, RN
SE 8190, 918-595-8647 MC 224, 918-595-8677
stephanie.merritt@tulsacc.edu dorothy.moaliitele@tulsacc.edu
Montgomery, Perri MBA, MS, RN Moore, Katherine MS, RN 
SE 8291, 918-595-8678 MC 337, 918-595-7139 
perri.montgomery@tulsacc.edu katherine.moore@tulsacc.edu 
Nolen, Jan MS, RNPyron, Beverly MS, MPH, RN 
MC 327, 918-595-7208SE 8294, 918-595-8687 
Quant, Staci Ed.D, MS, RNStoops, Georgie MS, RN 
MC 540, 918-595-7192MC 352, 918-595-8185 
Sullivan, Rhiannon MS, MHA, RNThankachan, Jennifer MS, RN 
MC 349, 918-595-7084SE 8197, 918-595-8536 
Thurman, Donna MSN, RNWhisnant, Lauri MS, RN 
MC 320, 918-595-7206MC 348, 918-595-8371 
Vitali, Nancy MS, RN 
MC 437, 918-595-7209 
Important Numbers  
Southeast Nursing Division Metro Nursing Division
10300 East 81st Street, SEC 8199909 S. Boston Room MP 256 
Tulsa OK 74133-4513 Tulsa OK 74119
918-595-8646 918-595-7075
Southeast Nursing Fax 918-595-8674 Metro Nursing Fax 918-595-7178