Patient Care Technician (PCT) Program F.A.Q.

What is a Patient Care Technician?

A PCT is trained to work under the supervision of  the licensed nurse in providing patient care in acute care hospital settings, like the Emergency Room and Critical Care Unit.
What are some of the skills that a PCT acquires and how do they differ from those of a CNA?
In addition to learning CNA skills -- bedside care of the patient (bathing, feeding, lifting, turning, walking , etc.) -- PCT students learn advanced skills which include dressing wounds, taking specimens, insertion and removal of indwelling catheters, drawing blood and performing EKGs .

How do I apply and what are the requirements for taking the class?
 •  You must apply and be accepted to Tulsa Community College.  If you have previous college credits, a minimum 2.0 overall GPA is required.
 • You must take the Compass Reading and Writing test at any TCC campus and score at least 80 on each test.
 • You must submit a PCT program application to the Nursing Certificate Programs Office. 
Once you are accepted to the PCT program, you will receive written information about additional requirements before you are able to actually enroll in the class. These requirements include specific immunizations, CPR certification, criminal background check and drug screening.
Call the office at 918.595.7324 to obtain schedules and other information.
What is AUA?
Advanced Unlicensed Assistant is the state certification issued by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing. After completing an approved Patient Care Technician program, such as TCC, the graduate may choose to take the state certification examination.  

How do I receive the TCC Patient Care Technician Certificate of Achievement?
TCC awards the Certificate of Achievement to students who complete the course and complete a graduation check. Students receive information about the grad check towards the end of the course. The Certificate designation is noted on the transcript just as a degree is, and students may choose to participate in the TCC graduation ceremony.