Hump Day Seminars

Hump Day Seminars 2011


Dr. Vladimir Kozhevnikov
Presented on 04/19/2011

Hump Day Seminars 2007

Fibromyalgia and Related Disorders

Dr. Ralph Richter
Presented on 09/04/07

Earthquakes: Earth's Elvis Pelvis Shake

Claude Bolze
Presented on 09/11/07

Down Syndrome

Beth Sodarfelt
Presented on 10/02/07

Diabetes: The Silent Killer

Dr. David Hitzeman
Presented on 11/06/07

Diabetes: Treatment Strategies

Dr. David Hitzeman
Presented on 11/13/07

Mechanisms & Actions of Psychostimulants

David Wallace
Presented on 11/27/07

Hump Day Seminars 2005

Nutrition and Heart Disease

Dr. Martin Banschbach
Presented on 02/02/05


George Beltz
Presented on 02/09/05

Alzheimer's Update

Ruth Kolb Drew, MS, LPC
Presented on 02/17/05

Genetic Testing in 2005 and 2020

Dr. Nancy J. Carpenter
Presented on 02/23/05

Attacking Pain at the Source: Tracking Sensory Pathways

Dr. Kenneth Miller
Presented on 03/02/05

Naturopathic Medicine and Cancer

Jody E. Noe, MS, ND
Presented on 03/09/05

Alzheimer's Disease

Dr. Ralph W. Richter
Presented on 10/25/05

Hump Day Seminars 2004

Retrospective Study of Risk Factos for Post Partum Depression

Dr. Sarah McCoy
Presented on 09/08/04

Naelgeria fowleri: An Opportunistic Amoebae

Shannon Saltow, MS
Presented on 09/15/04

Diabetes: The Future

Dr. Robert Ketchum
Presented on 09/22/04

Antibiotic Resistance

Dr. Marvita McQuire
Presented on 09/29/04

Nurse Like a Man

Ann Anthony, RN, MSN
Presented on 10/06/04

DesignerDrugs of the 21st Century

John Paulson, MS
Presented on 10/14/04

Fighting Cancer with Nutrition

Rebecca Wright, RD, LD
Presented on 10/18/04

Natural Healing - Part 1

Paula Joseph Johnson
Presented on 11/04/04

Natural Healing - Part 2

Dr. Robert Groves
Presented 11/11/04

Natural Healing - Part 3

Dr. Robert Groves
Presented 11/18/04