Certificate of Achievement

The GIS Program offers a Certificate of Achievement to students who complete the required 17 credit hours.  Most courses are offered in the evenings in blended format allowing students to complete much of the coursework on-line and meet one day a week for the lab component of the course.

The GIS Certificate consists of the following courses:

Geog 2344/GIS 2344/SUR 2344 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (4 Credits, Lecture 3 hours, Lab 3 hours)

Geog 2354 Computer Cartography (4 Credits, Lecture 3 hours, Lab 2 hours)

GIS 2373 GIS Data Acquisition and Management (3 Credits, Lecture 2 hours, Lab 3 hours)

GIS 2383 Advanced GIS (3 Credits, Lecture 2 hours, Lab 3 hours)

GIS 2393 Geographic Information Systems Practicum (3 Credits, Lecture 1 hour, Lab 4 hours)

Student taking the above GIS Certificate courses are eligible to receive education credit towards the GIS Certification awarded by the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI). The GISCI is a non-profit organization that provides a certification process for GIS professionals. GIS professionals that have successfully completed the GISCI's certification process carry the GISP designation. Most of TCC's GIS faculty have successfully completed the GISCI certification and are GISPs. For more information on the GISCI and its certification process click here.