Program Objectives

Once students complete the program, they will:

  • Keystone Lake AreaUnderstand basic geographic concepts such as, but not limited to, scale, map projection and datums
  • Understand basic vocabulary and history of GIS
  • Apply basic geographic concepts to GIS and its component
  • Demonstrate an ability to acquire and develop spatial and attribute data utilized in a GIS
  • Demonstrate an ability to maintain and update data utilized in a GIS
  • Understand and apply the principle of map design and production
  • Design and develop finished products such as maps, posters and reports for external review
  • Incorporate GIS with remotely sensed data
  • Document data
  • Design and develop GIS databases
  • Share and provide for data exchange to other GIS users
  • Design, manage and complete GIS projects
  • Demonstrate proficiency in GIS software